Friday, July 23, 2010

Special IP Cameras for Special Situations

When IP cameras were introduced a few years ago there were very few choices. Today there‘s a wide selection from which to choose. They have really replaced the old analog camera systems. Now there are special IP camera systems that are designed for special situations. There are cameras that see in the dark, others that can see over a mile away, systems that are designed for cities, others that can work no matter where they are, and others that are covert and hidden so no one knows they are being recorded. This article reviews some of these specialized IP camera systems.

NitetrackThe Nite Track IP camera is a special PTZ camera that includes an IR illuminator. This system allows you to see in total darkness over 600 ft from the camera. It is a very effective covert camera system because people can’t see the IR illumination at night. The illuminator can be adjusted to see exactly the area you want to see. Take a look at the web page for more details.

If you need a system that can see over a mile away, there’s the special PTZ IP camera system that uses a focused laser IR illuminator. It’s matched with a high performance 60X optical zoom lens that adjusts from 12.5mm to 750 mm or with doubler adjusts from 25 mm to 1500mm. During the day this amazing camera allows you to recognize things that are 19,685 ft away (6,000 M). At night the special laser illuminator reaches out 4,921 ft (1,500M). There’s more on our web page.

IPDeputyNVRWhen you need a camera system that can watch almost everywhere at once, take a look at the IPDeputyNVR system. This system mounts on a pole and includes up to two cameras. This rugged outdoor surveillance system includes everything you need to establish a vandal resistant neighborhood surveillance system. The system includes choice of cameras and a built in computer with NVR software that provides up to 1 TB of storage. You can select standard IP cameras, megapixel or PTZ cameras. All this is provided in a complete environmental enclosure with power distributor, surge protection, heater/blower and space for additional components. The system communicates with your network by WiFi wireless, direct Internet connection or even 3G/4G cell communication.

What happens when there’s no Internet connection? Well you can use a complete camera system that includes an NVR system all in a covert box. This box also includes battery backup so that it will operate even if someone cuts the power. The system looks like an electrical box. It has room for a number of different cameras that include the IQ752 camera. With this megapixel camera you get enough resolution to identify a person’s face in an area that’s about 48 ft wide. It can see even when there’s very little light, with sensitivity of less than 0.05 lux. The battery backup allows the system to operate for hours without power. The camera has a CF memory card slot so you can add on board storage that can record many hours of video. This complete solution allows you to place a camera in new locations that were historically not available by IP cameras systems.

There are many more special cameras available and more becoming available every day. Just contact us for the latest and greatest at 1-800-431-1658 or 914-944-3425 or use our contact form.