Wednesday, January 3, 2007

How to Select the Light Sensitivity of the IP Camera

It is important to know the complete light range that is required for your cameras. You may have some cameras that will be used in dark areas and some others that will be in well lit areas. If necessary, you can select a different camera for each location. Not only do you need to know how dark it gets, you also want to know if you will have a problem with sunlight shining into the lens in the morning or evening. This can affect where you will place the camera. The minimum light sensitivity is important if you plan to use the cameras at night.
  1. Go to all the camera locations during the night and see what type of lighting is available (if any).
  2. During the day make sure the camera is not pointing into the rising or setting sun.
  3. At night determine how much light is available at the location.

Lux is the measure of brightness. To get some idea of the lux value, consider that 1 lux is about the light from a full moon. If the light is less than this, you will require a more sensitive camera (costs more). If the light is more than this you can save money. Take a look at the Kintronics web site for more information about the cameras available.

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