Monday, November 7, 2011

As Seen on TV

On Monday October 3, we all came to work here at Kintronics with the same question for each other. “Did you hear about Parkchester?” Why? Because one of the lead-in stories carried on the local news broadcast the previous morning had been “Brutal attack captured on video leads to arrest of suspect in Parkchester.”You might ask, what is Parkchester? And why is Kintronics so interested?

What is Parkchester?
Parkchester is a 129 acre condominium complex in the Bronx. It was developed and built by Metropolitan Life Insurance in 1939 as a self-contained apartment complex for middle class families. Family was the key word and concept and was paramount in its design. In 1972 a conversion to condominiums began with the creation of Parkchester North Condominium with 3,900 units. The process was completed in 1986 with the final 8,286 units that comprise Parkchester South. Walking along its winding sidewalks amidst shrubbery and occasional statuary is a delight, but driving through Parkchester is a nightmare. But this is the way it was meant to be.

To minimize traffic there are only two through streets, Union port Road, running from the northwest corner to the southeast, and Metropolitan Avenue, from southwest to northeast. They form an X, crossing at Metropolitan oval a landscaped seating plaza with pool of fountains in the very center All cars are required to navigate the roundabout that encircles it, effectively keeping the speed low. Met Life built these roads, as well as the sewers, water mains, and islands lining them, and when construction was completed to its satisfaction, deeded them all to New York City.

There are no real side streets in the sense of actually going anywhere. All offshoots of the main two roads are dead ends, provided solely for the purpose of deliveries and residents’ parking. In keeping with the desire to keep this a family -comfortable community, 52.5% of the 129 acres is given over to landscaping and recreation; of the remainder, 22% comprise streets, and 27.5% is occupied by buildings.

There are 171 buildings scattered throughout, in fifty one clusters, ranging in height from seven to thirteen stories. These buildings house 12,271 apartments. As if that didn’t constitute a city in itself, there are also one hundred shopping and commercial spaces. Residents can walk to two supermarkets, several pizzerias, bakeries, and delis, two banks, numerous clothing stores, two drug stores, cleaners, a movie theater and doctors and dentists of all specialties. Parkchester even has its own Macy’s! So now that you know what Parkchester is……

Why is Kintronics so interested?
Naturally we were appalled and sorry that the attack on an elderly man had occurred, but glad we could have had a part, no matter how miniscule, in the apprehension of the attacker. For You see, the police identified the perpetrator thanks to video captured by an Axis 207 IP cameras mounted in the front lobby of a building on Unionport Road and saved on a computer system using ONSSI software.

Kintronics provided consulting services to Parkchester South and its 116 buildings. We helped make sure we understood their objectives and helped determine which cameras were best for each location resulting in the installation of hundreds of IP cameras in building lobbies, outdoor spaces, and special areas requiring increased surveillance.

Security surveillance is not limited only to the grounds. Within the buildings elevators are being fitted with an alarm notification system consisting of alarms, two way intercoms to the safety officer’s station and cameras to allow the officers to evaluate the situation and react appropriately. The project is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2012

In many ways, the world has become a much scarier place than it was in 1939 but with the help of the comprehensive security system Parkchester is installing it can continue to be a place that offers a serene setting for its third generation of families.

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