Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Dear Microsoft Letter

We present a guest blog from one of our IP camera sales engineers, Keaton Baker

Dear Microsoft Windows,

For many many years I've dealt with your issues, bugs, and mysteriousness. I've spent so much time defending your operating system from freezes, incompatibilities, and susceptibility to viruses, spyware, malware, adware and whatever other excuses people come up to to explain your bell curve of reliability.

 I've become desensitized to your lugging around and lackadaisical attitude toward completing simple tasks. I've even tried using Ubuntu to escape your drain on decent computer hardware, but the sense of familiarity quickly brought me back to you. Being an anti-Apple guy, every computer I've had involved seemingly constant re-installs throughout the life of the hardware while trying to maintain the "like new" speed and capability of my computer. If it wasn't you, it was the hard drive or the memory. What did you do!!?

For the last few months, we've been through screen flashing, random freezing for like, 40 seconds every hour or so. Recently you would manage to skip my MP3's and just shut down my computer. When I left this morning, I knew we were in rough shape but I expected you to at least boot up and play music after work.

 I don't think I can handle this anymore, It's over.

 I won't be led on anymore by the hope of the newest updates, service packs, patches, or versions.

It's OK though, I learned a lot about you and became an "expert" in dealing with your idiosyncratic personality.We can still be friends, I'll see you at work all the time but I just took the plunge and brought home a really cool Mac Air with a Solid State Drive so, I don't know... I'm kind of excited. I hope the performance of MAC OS will meet my expectations and stand up to all of the good things I have heard. I turned it on about 2 hours ago and I already have everything I need.

 Nothing confusing or quirky about this...

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