Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to Select the Best IP Intercom

What are the features and functions to look for when selecting your IP intercom? 
IP intercoms are simple in concept, but complex in practice.  They are easy to install, but there are many options to consider.  We have evaluated a number of different types of intercoms, and found that the more successful products are provided by those who understand the black art of audio, rather than science of networks.

What are the most important features and functions for an IP intercom system?
Of course, the sound quality of all the intercoms is one of the most important aspects to consider.  Reliable communication is another important capability.  After all, controlling a door is one aspect of your overall security.  Many of the other features and functions depend on the application.  For example, some intercoms just include two-way audio, while others also include video.   Some can control an electric lock or interface to an IP door access control system.  You may need a system that allows you to communicate with a Windows computer, or one that communicates with your smart phone.  Here are the features and functions you should consider when selecting your IP intercom system. ...

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