Friday, December 8, 2006

IP network cameras, in conjunction with IP software systems, can offer much more than CCTV solutions. IP Network video solutions also have advantages over PC-based Web cams. Some of the benefits are briefly outlined below.
Image quality: Image quality is one of the key aspects of IP network video products. IP cameras provide much greater resolution than the analog CCTV cameras. For example, the Hanwha (Samsung) QNV-7084R camera has a 4-Mega pixel sensor and provides a resolution of
2592 x 1520 pixels.

There is also a choice of compression schemes used. For example, Hanwha provides a range of video compression standards (Motion JPEG, H.264 & H.265) for users to choose from. In many network video products, both Motion JPEG and H.264 are supported simultaneously. This enables you, for example, to view at full frame rate with M-JPEG and record at the same time with H.264, allowing for optimization in image quality and bandwidth. Read more on How to Calculate What You Can See. 


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