Monday, December 11, 2006

NVR software manages the IP cameras

Why do I need software with my IP camera? All I need is a web browser to view IP network cameras on my PC. I can even control a PTZ camera. Well yes, but surveillance usually requires more than just real-time viewing, you also need to store the video, view multiple cameras, be notified about alarms, etc.

IP video software is the glue that holds a surveillance system together. It displays all your cameras,
stores the video and provides real surveillance functions. It makes it easy to view a specific camera, to find the stored video by camera, data and time, and does many other things. There are many choices of IP software available. The one that is best depends not only on what you need to do, but also reliability (it doesn’t crash), usability (it’s easy to use) and efficiency (it doesn’t require many computers to work). There are a number of different types of software available. We have tried a number of them and I can tell you that reliability is probably the most important feature. If it crashes at the wrong time you can lose all that important video. Take a look at Video management software for software that survived our testing.

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